Personal bio:
I’m a product of the late 1970’s and had the unique experience of growing up in both an analog and rapidly growing digital world. I’ve always been a computer geek and sometimes run emulators to play some of the games of my youth. I do complicated procedures on the computer for fun.

I took up photography in 2006 with no formal training. It took a lot of time and effort, but eventually I started to learn how to capture what I saw with the proper technique to guide the eye to where I wanted it. Having moved to and living in New England for several years there were many, many opportunities to learn. There was also rather amazing weather to capture such as tropical storms, hurricanes and blizzards. One of my favorite places there is Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. It’s truly something to behold looking out in any given direction from the summit.

I’ve been happily married to my wife since 2009. She’s who I look to when I need strength and an objective interpretation of a situation. She’s also an ICU nurse and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her knowledge, skills, ability to think on her feet and remain calm to perform complex procedures under incredible pressure. Her sense of social responsibility and obligation is far beyond my own, and I love her for it. I’d personally not last in that environment. I wouldn’t have the mental or emotional fortitude that it would require. My worst day is usually cursing under my breath about Microsoft or Apple. Her worst days leave me speechless.

Professional bio:
My professional career has been surrounding high volume printing, be it books, very large mailings to specialty die-cut materials for any number of agencies or businesses. During that time I’ve been fortunate enough to use my knowledge of computers to optimize or automate parts of, if not entire workflows. Some of that includes having to learn Visual Basic along the way and building simple, but powerful tools that could bridge the gap from to systems that weren’t designed to work together. I’ve been Solutions Advisor (previously known as Production Analyst) for Canon Solutions America since 2014. I truly appreciate having been offered an opportunity that challenges my knowledge and skills daily in a meaningful way for our clients.

I’m always happy to share knowledge or investigate something new. So many things in the technology sector are advancing at an incredible pace. Some people dislike change, but my career depends on adaptation and being able to apply that for our clients. The other members of my team are the same way and have been in printing or imaging in various forms for far longer than me. I couldn’t ask for a better group of colleagues.

A note about technical posts on this blog:
As for technical solutions posted here, they will mostly be of the “managed to get myself in way over my head” nature. Like fixing the Windows EUFI bootloader when the boot repair on the Windows DVD is unable to do anything after a failed linux install or putting together a hackintosh and Clover blowing up. If that wasn’t utter gibberish, you may find something useful here. If it was gibberish I’ll do my best to explain things in layman’s terms. I’ll also link back to where I found the solution or partial solution. I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder or pretend that I’ve come up with something novel if I haven’t.

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